The Chase is Over For Me — Kind Of

5-kasey-kahne Well like any playoff system in sports, your team takes a blow or gets eliminated, it sours the rest of post-season for you.

Mark me as being knocked a notch down in my excitement in the chase after Kasey Kahne bounced off the walls hard after leading earlier in the race, taking him down to last place in the 13 man Chase and 71 points out of first.

Sure I’ve got Clint Bowyer still in the hunt, currently in 10th — 48 points out of first, but I’m a bit soured there too after Matt Kenseth made it look so easy to cut Bowyer’s air to loosen him up. A few laps later, Jimmie Johnson did the same to Bowyer.

clint-bowyer-spinAs a Michael Waltrip fan, was really bummed this week to hear about NAPA pulling out at the end of the season, and 5 Hour Energy considering that as well. Martin Truex Jr. is likely to be somewhere else next season, and MWR possibly down to a two car team.

I’ll stop whining now, and yes, MWR brought some of this on themselves, but I’m just saying I’m a bit bummed as this season is 8 weeks away from concluding.

Two weeks into the Chase, and it already feels like it’s going to be a three car race in the next two months: Kenseth, Kyle Busch and Jimmie Johnson. My son would be happy with a Kyle Busch championship, and quite frankly, out of those three that’s who I’d prefer.

Sure, there are 8 races to go, and anything can and will happen, but if things keep going the way they are now, I’d love to see Busch hoisting the Chase trophy and M&M’s giving away a bunch of free candy.

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