Could Outbursts With No. 18 Move Dave Rogers to No. 19 Team in 2015?

Kyle Busch 18I listened to the scanner all last night during Bristol Motor Speedway (via the iOS NASCAR app that is), but surprise, surprise, I was pretty much fixated on Clint Bowyer’s channel.

While I obviously saw the incident involving Kyle Busch, I had no idea that Busch had gotten so frustrated with his team with their recent bouts of bad luck, and even worse finishes. But even more surprising was that No. 18 crew chief, Dave Rogers had an outburst on the level of those the Busch brothers. Sounds like Bristol.

As frustrated as his driver, Rogers said, ‚ÄúPark it behind the truck and take your whiny little ass to the bus.”

Supposedly, Rogers and Busch hashed things out right after the race, but with Carl Edwards coming over as the Joe Gibbs Racing fourth driver, JGR may take recent less-than optimal finishes for some of the teams to mix things up.

Much like 3+ years ago, when Hendrick Motorsports swapped around crew chiefs (except not disturbing the Jimmie Johnson / Chad Knaus dynasty), the recent frustration and lack of overall success in 2014 might just be the catalyst for JGR to follow suit.

Both Carl Edwards, and the other three drivers are expecting big things in 2014, and this may be a way to reboot things at bit a JGR without a crazy overhaul. The switch at Hendrick made the matchup of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. / Steve Letarte, which has worked out wonderfully — especially in this final year together.

The same could happen with some crew chief shuffling at JGR. Could we see Darian Grubb go from the No. 11 to the 18, while Dave Rogers goes to the 20 or 19 team in 2015? I’ve honestly got no insight into the situation, but could honestly see it having legitimate success as Joe Gibbs Racing enters its first year as a four-team race organization.

Rogers, Kyle Busch Have Meeting After Race

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