The ClosetNASCARFan 400 Pocono Raceway Predictions 400 Pocono Raceway PredictionsThe ClosetNASCARFan Clan has started a tradition going into the last couple weeks of making our picks. Three weeks in, someone’s picked the winner. Two races ago, Tyler picked Brad Keselowski, and last week, both my wife and I picked Jeff Gordon as the winner at Indy (though I ran out of time to write a post with the prediction. Trust us, we picked him).

Anyway, what has now become a family tradition as we’re now just 6 races away from the Chase for the Sprint Cup, the family are making their predictions.

This Sunday afternoon, the Sprint Cup series is back at Pennsylvania’s Pocono Raceway, where there is no turn four, but the other three are all unique, and qualifying tonight showed just that.

Without even a lap into his qualifying session, Clint Bowyer narrowly missed the wall, making a brilliant save. Later in the qualifying session, No. 99 driver Carl Edwards, wasn’t so lucky, smacking the back end into the wall and then plowing through the access road grass as he tried to get off the track.

No one in the family picked either of those drivers for this weekend’s Sprint Cup race, but we’re looking to keep our streak alive of someone in the family picking the race winner. Here are our 400 Pocono Raceway Predictions.

This week, I’m picking Kevin Harvick. Pocono Raceway is a track where power prevails, and the Hendrick-powered cars have been strong. Stewart-Haas’ No. 4 driver, Kevin Harvick has had plenty of races in 2014 where he’s especially had a fast car. My prediction is he’ll be in Pocono’s white-fenced Victory Lane come late Sunday afternoon.

My wife is sticking with her favorite driver and last week’s winner, Hendrick Motorsports’ No. 24 driver, Jeff Gordon. He’s historically been good at Pocono, and qualified 5th in tonight’s knockout qualifying session.

Tyler’s going with the rookie, Kyle Larson, who got his first Sprint Cup pole this evening. He’s banking on Larson’s qualifying run and Camping World Truck Series double duty run tomorrow to help get Larson to his first Sprint Cup pole and win in the same weekend.

Just a note, Nolan always picks Kevin Harvick. But if he’s got it right this week, so does Daddy.

ClosetNASCARFan Clan 400 Pocono Raceway Predictions 400 Pocono Raceway Predictions
Name Pick Prediction Record
Kevin Harvick 1/2
(Mrs. ClosetNASCARFan)
Jeff Gordon 1/2
(NASCAR’s Littlest Big Fan)
Kyle Larson 1/2
Nolan Kevin Harvick 0/2

Enjoy the race weekend, everyone!

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