End of an Era – Thanks To All Our Closet NASCAR Fan Supporters

It’s the end of an era. After nearly nine years of running Closet NASCAR Fan, covering NASCAR, and attending races on rare occasions as media, it’s time to close up shop.

Balancing a full-time job, along with family commitments such as youth soccer, baseball, along with watching local Carolina Hurricanes and North Carolina Courage games, there just is not a lot of time left for NASCAR.

As the sport has changed, and the drivers that first brought us into the sport have retired, along with the rule, and car changes, our whole family’s interest in NASCAR has waned. It’s mainly about work and family commitments, but I’d be lying if I said the other things didn’t factor in as well. To be honest — THe lack of new content in the past few years drove a lot of people away, and I was in denial for quite a while that the end was here for CNF.

I want to thank all of you out in NASCAR land that has supported us, interacted with us, and ultimately just been fans like us. While the site will not disappear overnight, the hard decision has been made to shut the whole thing down. Feel free to take a look at the interviews in the last few months the site is live. If there happens to be someone out there that wants to carry the Closet NASCAR Fan torch, feel free to reach out. Otherwise, thanks for everything.

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