Bowyer’s Late Race Spin


I still don’t know what to think about Bowyer’s late race spin last night. Everyone seems to think he turned his car around to prevent Ryan Newman from winning, and giving his Michael Waltrip Racing teammate, Martin Truex Jr. a shot of getting into the Chase.

I didn’t think it was so till I heard the Bowyer/Brian Pattie radio just prior to Bowyer’s car turning.

Let’s assume that Bowyer did purposely turn his car to assist Truex.

I’m on the fence about this part too: is Bowyer a great teammate for helping MWR and Truex and/or is he a shitty driver for throwing a race.

I’ve got to think Bowyer and fellow teammates would be pissed if the shoe were on the other foot.

I’ve also got to think that it puts a cloud over Truex in the Chase. Were he to win it all, his Cup trophy would be tarnished.

In the end, NASCAR is all about the money and sponsorships. Just a few months back, Michael Waltrip and a few others were asked about the importance of making it to the NASCAR form of playoffs.

Waltrip himself said, “…it’s safe to say that because of the purse and sponsor incentives, but more than that, it’s about survival. You have to be a Chase team if you want to be here for the long haul.”

For MWR, it’s a huge deal, but they should have been content with Bowyer being in the Chase from his season-long consistency. Sure, it’s not as good as Hendrick Motorsports getting 3 of their 4 drivers in (had Bowyer not spun, it likely would have been 4 of 4). But having Bowyer have a consistent season and hopefully a strong Chase should have been enough for MWR.

As a huge fan of both Bowyer and MWR I really hope somehow it was all on the up and up, but the race radio is pretty damning. Sunday morning, you gotta wonder if there were second thoughts on Bowyer’s part, or any feelings from Truex about not earning his spot.

Regardless, this will be the talk of NASCAR all the way through the week, if not longer.

It’s again an incident that makes me feel bad for Newman. The guy gets the boot from Stewart Haas. Now he narrowly misses the Chase (along with Jeff Gordon).

Clint Bowyer is my favorite driver, with Kasey Kahne a close second. It saddens me a bit that Bowyer looked like he had to follow orders to assist Truex’s chances. I wish they would have let the race determine it all. Whatever happens, I’ll still be pulling for my boys Bowyer, Kahne and Truex, but I kind of feel this tugging saying I should pull for Kasey a bit more than the others. His entry was a lot cleaner and respectable.

P.S. Congrats to Carl Edwards on his second win of the season.

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