I grew up not knowing anything about NASCAR, or racing in general. I remember watching Days of Thunder, and loving it, but other than that — I had no exposure to racing in any way, shape or form — and we all know how realistic Days of Thunder’s portrayal racing was spot on realistic, right?

I really thought of it as nothing but rednecks making left turns over and over again.

But I’ve seen the error of my ways. My wife’s family, being from Florida grew up around it and started to convert me ever so subtly.

As a former bike (cycling) racer, I realized the strategy and ideas were similar to that of cycling, and that hooked me. Also, being a self-proclaimed gadget geek, I really hooked onto the technology in racing.

It took me a few seasons to pick a driver or two, but I’m become a die-hard fan of Clint Bowyer, Kasey Kahne and Michael Waltrip Racing in general.

This site is dedicated to my fairly recent found love of motorsports. I wanted to do this separate from my other blogs, as those readers wouldn’t necessarily like the stuff I did over there and vice versa.

I’m striving to build this site with NASCAR personalties’ interviews, original articles, opinion pieces, along with personal experiences. Got an idea for an article, or got the inside track (pun intended) for a NASCAR driver, PR person, etc.? Please drop me a line (fan [at] closetnascarfan [dot] com).

I collect several NASCAR memorabilia categories including die casts and trading cards. Expect some articles and info on that front as well.


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