2020 NASCAR Hall of Fame Glory Road Curated Collection Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Just after the new year, the set of classic NASCAR race cars that wind up and around the contours of the NASCAR Hall of Fame in uptown Charlotte will be all new. The fourth iteration of the exhibition of cars is curated by none other than Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

In a release published this morning, the Hall of Fame said, “For the fourth generation of the exhibit, the NASCAR Hall of Fame and Dale Earnhardt Jr. worked together to create a collection unlike any other, celebrating the champions and championship moments of the sport.”

18 Premier Series Championship Cars

NASCAR Hall of FameThe cars on display will feature a total of 18 premier series championship cars. The Hall of Fame press release said that the cars will instantly be recognizable for their significance in a combination of some of the most memorable races and championships associated with NASCAR.

The release goes on to say that both current and historic speedways from across the United States will be illustrated as well. NASCAR Hall of Fame guests will have the ability to touch the texture of various tracks and experience the intense banking that drivers face week-to-week.

Glory Road Mach 4 Opening

The fourth version of the Hall of Fame’s Glory Road, dubbed, “Dale Jr.: Glory Road Champions” will open to the public on Saturday, January 11, 2020. The set of 18 cars will be on display for approximately three years.

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